Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Dead Walk The Earth But I Am Not Watching

Modern Madonna___Die Another Day___4 Minutes__Give it to me___nice. SOCIAL NETWORK really good and the soundtrack is too but very depressing/ Have come to love RYE BREAD but now hate CELERY/ HELEN MIRREN promoting Wii____really? Digital art tag tag

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Dr Dre..

"Guy above is from the Retreat in Stroud___he didn't hang about long enough for me to show him or get consent so I mashed his face up___in an illustration non-violent stylee___
Doing Tax____listened to Ravenous Soundtrack around 45 times last week___that is a bit weird isn't it?___"

Monday, 11 October 2010

Another week---begins

"Hello 25___above image is what I worked on last week and if I am honest I am not happy with it but posted it cos I said I would___doesn't really look like Day-Lewis or capture the mood from the DRAINAGE scene either....for one he wasn't wearing a hat__also I am finding my work moving towards the more minimal GQ/Posh mag approach___something this is not.
Book of John going well with a few blank pages filled and some nice images coming together___particular nice one of Christ created on Friday___that will be next weeks post___still really excited about the project and the only downside with that is that it makes me lose enthusiasm for all other work___but I guess that's the point.
So I will be @ The Retreat in Stroud this week on Weds/Thurs/Friday illustrating people and looking like a person in a pub with a laptop___the idea has always worked in my head I just hope that it does on the night.
Other areas of my life include huge amounts of family grief___fluctuating body fat percentage__ and an 18th Birthday."

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


"Hello all____poster above is to publicis/ze an upcoming event I am organizing in my home town of Stroud___gonna spend the evening in a pub illustrating people___selling images and getting my tarty name about___approaced Ian from The Retreat who willingly agreed to humour me!___should be good and quite a challenge.
Really busy at the moment with tax/printing taking priority over art..especially the Book of John which I really need to crack on with___going to be a bit naughty today and illustrate Daniel Day-Lewis instead____
Random thoughts/feelings___golfers bad hair when they take their Ryder Cup hats off___my guilt about trying clothes on and not putting them back where they were in this as bad as leaving your rubbish in the cinema..something I hate____

Thursday, 23 September 2010

John 17 Robot Rough

"Hello you lucky 24 followers___how are things?___anyway___moving on___above image is a rough__idea first___followed by a rough sketch and photo of me posing in position then hunting images down on the internet and building the above___with this rough I have also put colors in place too____now I will digitally sketch it and import to Illustrator for a play___post the finished one next week sometime.
RANDOM THOUGHTS THIS WEEK___Hugh Laurie in House---good?----really?___MGMT rock___Scott Pilgrim---good?----bad?----can't make up my mind_____Jeans with Stretch in Rock and ASDA has 25% off but they are evil aren't they??????
Very-very-very excited about next years Exhibition___think about it everyday/every hour etc__"
Entering Ciren 10K this week in preparation for my half-marathon in October____

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

O..your hard!

"Well____here is the proof___I actually had an exhibition of my digital art and a few paintings in Stroud____been a good experience and met loads of good contacts, fellow artists and generally nice people___called the exhibition 'THIS EXHIBITION WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE'___as you can imagine a few disapointed people through the door__some highlights from my comments book include__MILNERS MUM FARTS LIKE A CRACK HEAD___and___MY ART IS BETTER YOUR EXEBITION IS SHITE!__Nice___also had both David Brents bosses in from The Office___bit starstruck and didn't say anything__Keith Allen was also outside the door__.
The best thing about exhibiting is the direction it gives you___personally___when you see all your stuff on the wall your weaknesses really show through and it gives you a great sense of direction__can't wait until my next one which will be very different, more amibitious and with more promotion.
On the art side I am a bit arted out__got portrait comissions through the show and also a magazine one that proved quite tricky__looking forward to the weekend and giving my wrists_imagination_ and brain a rest."

Monday, 2 August 2010

Jesus Christ

"Hello 21 followers___been away from the computer___still busy earning cash for a Xmas trip___comissions here____comission there____but no time to chill/post/update___but back now.
Image above is a little preview of next years project I am working on and quite excited about___it involves The Bible__no color and a self-published book exhibition____there is something quite
pure/challenging about working in mono___can't rely on a snazzy color scheme to rescue me
any more___
The big thing about the moment is my exhibition__I am 70% ready and really excited about it___it will be at The Space, Stroud___starting on 3rd September until 16th____
On the culture side I am listening to the new Chemical Brothers on loop and Inception has its problems but I am going for a another watch this week."

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Stay in the Boat

"Still not internet___BT crew coming next Wednesday___spending loads of time doing normal work and along with no web___my art is suffering___above robot is a pitch to Computer Arts___fingers crossed but no holding my breath__feeling quite negative about ever getting discovered and used__just stay in the boat and keep sailing where God want ya me thinks__"

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Talk Talk = Evil Evil

"Very much take the internet for granted___have been without it for a couple of weeks now and have been relying on th3 kindness of my mother-in-law and internet cafes___what a pain___the main pain is that I get a lot of referenc images for the web and not having this is having an affect on my illustration techniques___anyway.....
Above image I like___like the rest of the fashion/art world I do think a skull looks good___just like last week this image looks like another reject from a magazine I am trying to get into___oh well__a reject is better than nothing at all___stay in the boat and live in hope.
Weight is now under 13 stone__c,mon__I even think I look skinny now from certain angles___however I still look better with my clothes on___enough said__"