Thursday, 2 October 2008

Busy framing Drum N Bass

Bit of a busy social week has kept me away from my work a bit this week.  This depresses me somewhat.  Hate keeping my brain from talking to my hands.  Still, managed a few bits.
Had to do a Drum N Bass poster for a youth event.  This is something I find difficult.  Still getting to grips with having to work within certain limits (i.e has to have a date, has to appeal to young people).  Normally just do a monkey with a machine gun.
Framed my first picture this week and it felt pretty good.  Thinking of the future and as I will be out of a job come 2009 I need to make money somehow.  Looks OK.
Didn't have time to do an editorial piece this week but did manage to work on the above cartoon.  
A wacom date has been set for the end of October!  Christmas is coming early this year baby!


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