Wednesday, 29 October 2008

I Can't Help But Love Myself

Self portraits....I can't stop doing them.  Why?  I guess it's because they are so easy, accessible and satisfying.  Who else is going to pose screaming or put a gun to their head so I can make them look cool and grotesque?
I made a pact with myself about a month ago not to do anymore because I was starting to look like an ego maniac.  Plus, if I am going to sell my work who wants a violent image of me scaring their children above the fireplace?
So why am I still drawing around my bald head putting myself forward for dissection and emotional criticism?
As I develop as an artist/illustrator/idiot I keep telling myself I need to be brave, be myself.  When I do a portrait it obviously appeals to me as I am in it.   Most of the portraits I do have something I like in them.     So screw it, gonna keep doing them ... maybe just one a week though.
Anyway, in other news, my Wacom is fantastic but I think my brain was expecting a huge leap in both style and technique.  That hasn't really happened but it does support my way of illustration and has knocked hours, maybe days, off of the time taken to do a piece.  I love it.


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