Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Too many uses of the word EXCITEMENT

Work has been flying off my computer this week.  I have a second job as a youthworker but Mondays/Tues & Weds morning are my illustration days.   Couple of practice editorial pieces on Obama and Paul Newman plus some cartoons.  Results on the website. 
Still looking into exhibiting.  Everything coming along nicely and should be cheaper than I first thought.  The excitement far outweighs the nerves.  I am also going to enter my first art competition in Stroud.  Really excited about that too.
I am constantly glued to my ipod and stuff floating through my ears this week has been Rage Against The Machine, Super Furry Animals, Supergrass, The Beatles as well as Metronomy.  Very rocky indeed.  Not much of the film front.  Tropic Thunder - Crap.  Lucky Number Slevin - Even crapper.
Wacom date is October 18th.  Wacom date is October 18th.  Wacom date is October 18th.  Excited beyond belief.
The accompanying photo is of my study wall and the contents of my brain that have spilled out onto it.  Funny but after this year they will all be filed away and the website will become my new study wall.


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