Thursday, 27 November 2008

Celebrate your failures!

Illustration still taking big steps forward but very difficult steps.  Think I need a holiday maybe.  Constant artistic movement is exhausting.  Really like this piece I did.  Just came from the idea that I wanted to do something with an orange jumpsuit in it.  Didn't turn out as expected but lately my art never does.  Trying desperately to 'celebrate failure' as 2 attempted pieces have been aborted.  Both seemed like good ideas at the time.  This can challenge my confidence as an artist and depress me somewhat.
Anyway, in other news The Flight of the Conchords is still my favorite album of the year.  Can't get enough of the Bowie track.  Stood next to a bloke who voted for me at an exhibition this week and what a thrill!  Sad I know but at least I'm honest.


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