Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Not me but Guns

Last week it was self-portraits and now it is guns.  A lot of my work revolves around me but also around guns.  Seems every new idea I had this week has some sort of weapon involved.  Still thinking about exhibiting and one place is a cafe.  Don't think they would be too keen on the old gun barrel and coffee thing.
Put picture into first art comp.  Hope something good comes from it.  Bit of a let down when I took it in the shop and the just took it and said thanks without looking at it.  Don't know quite what I expected or wanted to  happen.
Illustration and art has been very difficult the past couple of weeks, struggling to define my style and adding new bits.  Takes ages until something finally clicks.  Been working around masks and fills to add more dimension to things.  Love paint spray and cyan/yellow/pink combo.  Finally starting to crack it me thinks.
Having a real run of bad films at the moment.  Wanted was the stupidest film I have ever seen and has left such a bad impression I think about it daily.


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