Wednesday, 12 November 2008

You're Gonna Wake Up in a Smoothie

Another cool week.  Ink splat and TV test card fills are being worked on and tweaked.  Nice images rolling out.  I even managed to get a monkey and a gun on one image.  Perfect really.  The Wacom tablet is wonderful, shaving hours off the work I do.  A tank illustration I did on Monday took an hour.  It would have taken 4 times longer without Mr Wacom.
Artistically, I have bought more frames and also a set of Meccano.  Busy trying to make guns and crucifixes with it last night.  
An exhibition idea involving half of Stroud and a photocopier has formed in my head.  Roll on next year!
I have also discovered Flight Of The Conchords on DVD.  Amazing.  Got the album from I-Tunes and listening to it as I type this very blog.  Also got Vampire Weekend - Excellent.


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