Friday, 12 December 2008

Let the Networking begin!

Well...  that's it..... the year of STYLE is over.  I fly to Japan on Tuesday for a well earned break.  Feel a little burnt out but also confident with the style I have developed.  Only did one days worth of art this week and felt better for it.  Realized that chilling in coffee shops and walking up hills talking to God as just a big a part of being an artist as drawing and illustrating stuff.
Taking camera and imagination to Japan and hope to produce a book when I get back.  Out there for 3 weeks.  Groovy!
I am now in NETWORKING mode and I have literally thousands of ideas bursting to get out.  It would even be nice if someone actually read my blog and viewed my sight!  Hope I enjoy it all as much as I have this year.  See you in 2009.

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Caleb said...

Hey man...I'm reading your blog, so don't worry about that ;)