Thursday, 4 December 2008

Playing cards and David Bowie

Another strugglesome week.   Loads of stuff done and I am also learning about routine and how to handle my artistic workload.  Start planning pieces on Sat/Sun but don't touch the computer.  Hit the ground running on Monday and take any piece I do as far as I can.  Tues/Weds spent finalizing and uploading stuff to the Internet.  Thurs/Fri deliberately art-free.  The days I do art I also take regular breaks away from the computer drinking coffee and walking etc.  
Did a few pieces with playing card backgrounds, one including Bowie. (Inspired by Flight of the Conchords.)  Really like the concept and I am going to work a 52 card pack into my exhibition next year.  
Watched the fantastic film the is 'Waltz of Bashir.'  Simply amazing with several images still burned in my brainbox.


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