Tuesday, 13 January 2009

I Think I'm Turning Japanese's official.  Tokyo is the coolest city in the world.  Just back after my second visit.  The shoes are so sexy, the guys so funky and the food soooo good.  Missed doing art when I was there but spent time visiting galleries, gathering textures and shopping for books/mags.  A great chain called BOOK OFF are dotted all round Tokyo.  The gallery I visited called the MORI ART MUSEUM was on the 52nd floor and you guessed cool.
Happy with the above piece, the first I did on my return.  Also did a couple of nice pieces on NADAL/FEDERER.
Found THE COMMONS on Flickr while typing away in Tokyo.  Wow!  Check out some really useful old photographs and they are all free to use.  Wow again.
Website has had a major content overhaul.  Need to strongly promote a certain style and I think it now reflects this.  


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