Thursday, 26 February 2009

Swords in the Dirt

I am a bit depressed at the moment.  Work a bugger and constant emailing and no-one biting yet is having an effect.  Haven't been producing any good work either.  A real creative drought.  Worst one for a year or so but....
Got my first commission and the money is already in the bank!  Christianity Magazine wanted me to do a piece on a church in America and I have produced the goods.  Local paper are also interested in my doing a front page illustration as well.  Praise the Lord!
Music - Roots Manuva!  Been on the iPod and I never even knew it.  Also been listening to the brilliant MGMT.  Let's go to Paris and do heroin indeed!
Film- Watched Vicky, Christina, Barcelona.  Didn't like the bloke from no Country knobbing everyone.  Still, alright though.  Re-watched Wild at Heart.  Great film.  Must do an illustration on it.  Did do a few bits on the Oscars.  Results on the website.

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