Friday, 13 March 2009

Eels Up Inside ya!

Things are progressing nicely here at Vietnamthemovie. Got my first image in print! And on the front page...of a local newspaper. Still, a real buzz to see it there. Don't know if anyone will know it was me as my credit and a small article was way in on page 21. Musn't grumble though.
London on Monday for Topshop. Not putting too much on the meeting as it is just a 10 minute chat to see if I am clinically insane or not. Gonna do the Tate Modern and a few other galleries while I am there. Need to do a few personal pieces as I have been overdosing on fashion for a while.
Saw the Watchmen this week. Really enjoyed it but the sex/violence was a bit much at times for even me! Might see it again though. Thought it was as faithful to the comic as it could be. Still listening to The Prodigy.

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