Thursday, 26 March 2009


"Just a random rant this week. Been watching a lot of films lately, most of them I have seen before. Raided a stash of my sons VHS tapes in the loft. DEADMAN with Johnny Deep. Sorry but don't like it. The soundtrack is awful and repetitive. THIN RED LINE has some good bits in it but the amount of times they show that blokes visions of him and his wife with the net curtain and stupid dialogue. Toooo much. And I think some of the acting is terrible from the soldiers. On the good side I did watch TERMINATOR 2 again after reading all about the new film. Big up Arnold. Also watched PREDATOR. Do you remember that bit near the end when he screams NOOOO! when the lady hostage goes to pick up the gun and then he fires at the alien in the tree with his M16? Great, just great.
On the work front things have been a bit low. Not developing as an artist just spooning out things I think people will want to see. Gonna change this next week. Work on a comic, or an animation or something. To fixated with getting work. Must've have sent a million emails this week with work attached and nothing...not even a reply saying no thanks. I think I am starting to hate art directors. How about just an empty thanks? Blimey. I have also been doing research and it seems to me that no magazine in the entire world favors illustration anymore. Think I am going to move towards book design.
Have a cold. Real snot fest. Not feeling my best but my youthwork job has been kind and not too stressful.
Anyway, enough from me. The attached image is from a mock-up for The Times about the recent apparent dangers of skiing.
See you next week...amen,

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