Sunday, 26 April 2009

For Sale

"Blimey...bit busy lately...still makes you feel successful somehow. The above piece has been posted before but it is now part of a charity auction taking place in Stroud on 2nd May at Stroud House. It is in aid of Sarah's Trust charity and hope it sells and helps a bit. In fact, this will be the first piece of art ever sold by me. Sure, I have sold illustrations to mags but this is the first piece off the wall art displayed and sold. You can even bid online if you follow the link above to the website.
Now....let's talk films...more importantly how they can influence you. I am growing a beard and loving it. Leonardo Di Caprio is to blame in Body of Lies, which I quite enjoyed. Then I sat through Che Parts 1 & 2.....then I watched Hunger...both full of beards. The film HUNGER is, in my opinion, the best film I have seen this year. What a classic! Amazing piece of work, amazing.
Few commisions have come in and they can be seen on my website. Working on one for Christianity Magazine and its proving quite a tough one...think I have cracked it though and will post it if accepted.
Spent some money on CDs and loving the Goldie Lookin Chain...especially the track cool....

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