Thursday, 2 April 2009

The Princess and The Frog begins....

"Hello...anyone? Anywho, this is a segment of an illustration I am doing based on The Princess and The Frog kids book. Making it into a fashion promo and really enjoying it. Learning to stop trying to sleep with art directors and just do projects that suit/excite/inspire me until someone walks through my front door and gives me a could happen..
As well as this blog I have one in the local paper with an illustration attached. I am also on Twitter now and would love people to follow me on there. I do all this promotion and sometimes feels like no-one is out there.
Gonna try my hand at video/illustration/animation soon. It will star a teddy bear and feature music by Coldcut. Sounds good eh?
Watched bits of Conan The Barbarian this week...that is one weird film if you ask me. Arnold with long hair having sex with witches! Also saw The Damned United. Good stuff and I love Micheal Sheen. That's all for now."

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AlexM said...

love this one! Awsome colors and composition.
good luck for your projects!