Monday, 4 May 2009

Is this real or am I Memorex?

"So how have I been? Good me thinks. Illustration has slowed due to work commitments but still moving upwards. Brilliant Disguise artwork sorted and banners should be up by this time next week. Also completed another page of my Princess book and the king above is part of that. Musically I have been listening to a lot of Tricky...really love his music and his lyrics are amazing and sometimes completely pointless. Very inspirational though.
Feel my artwork has stepped up a level since joining the Behance network. This, to me, is where some very talented big boys like to play. This is the competition. Lot more fussy with my work and this has made life a lot more difficult at times but worth it.
Charity auction went well and even though I didn't make over £3000 like the Damien Hirst catalog, my first piece of art went for £130. The evening raised over £15,000 for Sarah's Trust. Well done to everyone who helped organize it. Couple of pics over at my Twitpic site.


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