Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The Princess.....she's finished!.....nearly..

Think I mentioned in this blog before about the trick of MAKING yourself busy...having no excuses or waiting for others to want your work. Make up projects, speak to local businesses, friends...anyone. Work for free, self-publish, busy, busy, busy. is no surprise to hear that I am busy.
Just finished framing about 40 images for my local market at the start of July. This is something I love doing...putting my prints behind that shiny glass adds something. Maybe it makes them look better than they are...who knows? Can't wait to exhibit, try to sell and see what people think.
Have nearly finished PRINCESS AND THE ROBOT book that I am going to publish via good old Blurb. Robot above is from this. Happy with results but I am more black and white than a lot of the color I created. Still, book stands up me thinks.
Also received another commission from those lovely people at Christianity magazine. With out there support I wouldn't be half the illustrator I am now.
So...halfway through the year and things have gone very well for me. Can't wait for the next 6 months.

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