Sunday, 21 June 2009

Spot Dot Sucker MC

"Upcoming Farmers Market stall is in the front of my mind almost constantly...can't wait to get it on and show my work. Lots of the work is black and here to see what I mean and also check out my updated website.
David Holmes presents The Free Association is an amazing album...the first track - I Don't Rhyme No Mo - is just amazing...soooo full of energy. Been listening to it all week.
Working on a series of images with text in them. The one above has the lyrics to Sucker MC embedded in them...funky. Another two in the fashion bit of my website.
Really need to get myself out there as an illustrator...been doing loads of local art but with the web and such I am lacking a bit. Sent out some postcards a while back but need to constantly keep badgering art directors.
Princess and The Robot is ready to go. Check it out here. Buy one...

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