Tuesday, 2 June 2009

White and Black rules.....

"What's new? Good question. I haven't been keeping my blog as FRESH as it should be with holidays and work commitments but gonna try and put that right.
Think I am turning B&W. Can't help it. The reason? Well...for a start it is easier not having to worry about color! Not exactly the words of an artist but taking out this factor challenges you hard to look at composition, content and style a lot more. Did the image above in Wales while on holiday with my Nan and Gramp! This is another one of my self-portraits.
Few good things happening to Vietnam. Nearly/sort of/well not quite/not really featured in the NY TIMES! They used my pictures on one of their blogs. I am HERE at the bottom of the page. Still...progress to me.
Really excited about working with Stroud Farmers Markets to celebrate their 10th Anniversary. Doing some banner and postcard stuff...more design than art but enjoying it. I am also going to have a stall there, get my face in the paper etc.
Should also get featured in fashion book coming out in the future. I am always a bit skeptical about things like this but nice if it happens.
Got loads of new tunes....EMPIRE OF THE SUN - Great 80's feel - JARVIS COCKER - Angela! - CRYSTAL CASTLES - Different and soooo cool. On the film side I watched SYNEDOCHE, NEW YORK - Quite infuriating at times but stays in the brain for days after, still don't know what it was about....

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