Thursday, 9 July 2009

King Kong is coming..

"So...I did it...the Farmers Market went really well and my first exhibition was a success. Sold a nice lot of pictures and got a nice lot of comments from people. Virtually everyone I spoke to was so supportive and liked what I did. Feeling so confident I am going to do Bristol Docks this Sunday. Praise the Lord!
The Kong above comes from a set of images I have done of famous monsters attacking famous buildings in Stroud. I am really happy with them and they look great printed. They are hopefully going in next weeks Stroud News and Journal.
Saw Public Enemies with Mr Deep. So so but when them Tommy Guns were booming on screen it made things a whole lot cooler. On the music front I am still listening to Bat for Lashes and shuffled the Chemical Brothers on my i-Pod. I am not ashamed to admit it but I am currently listening to Rudebox by Robbie Williams and lovin it.

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