Friday, 14 August 2009

Stay Frosty

"I have now been listening to the 'There Will Be Blood' soundtrack non-stop for over 3 this good for a man's soul? Don't know...Annie finds it depressing but I am really enjoying it as much as the film. Don't get jealous that much but I do when I watch that film...why couldn't I have directed it..masterpiece...
Anyway...Illustration! Been doing loads of what I call comercial art..thinking about what will sell as opposed to what I want to do. Been doing fine but nice to do the above piece this week. Also got time to throw in a self-portrait..something I enjoy doing and am not ashamed to admit it.
Been watching HBO TV stuff. Finished 'Generation Kill' and I love all that soldier it. But the better series was 'Mad Men' Season 2...clever stuff and everything looks so cool...amazing writing too. Sad that both series have now been watched. Now on Flight of the Conchords...not as good as the first season but we'll see.
Now have a stall at Stroud Farmers Market every week in August and still exhibiting/selling outside Winstones Ice Cream factory...both going well. People saying nice things about my work...."

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