Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Wrestler

"Going to start my blog by talking about GI Joe: Rise of The Cobra. Took a young person to see this film yesterday and cannot imagine how bad this film is. Sienna Miller looked like Geri Halliwell and there is a line from an actor after hearing about a plan to blow up the Eiffel tower - "I Love Croissants!" And the American president was played by a British actor! So you might say that I am not the target market so who is? Kids of course, but the amount of facial burns, skin melting and eye stabbing was unbelivable. And don't even get me started on the remake of Poseiden.....
Anyhow...I feel better now. The above illustration is The Wrestler. Been reading/researching a lot of comics lately in the hope they will rub off on me...think they have by looking above. Putting a day aside now for my own personal art...just spend the day artistically what I want to do.
Things going well at The Farmers Market and Winstones...few weeks left at the ice cream factory and should be at The Farmers Market until Christmas. Going to work on some banners and a Stroud book that should be ready in plenty of time for Christmas.
Listening to La Roux and nearly convinced this is a good album...still using Spotify daily.

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Sarah said...

another Spotify addict here....I'd need some convincing on La Roux though :)

Jay said you might be at the Friday market in Cirencester some time soon? If so please do let me know as I work all of 3 minutes walk away so will pop down to say hi