Sunday, 18 October 2009

Ping Island Rescue...

"Didn't do the above image___but ain't it great!__been doing a little bit of work at a primary school in Gloucester and the kids came up with these watercolor/andy warhol attempts___put on an exhibition and it was a great success even though I only contributed about 10%__could see myself doing this in the future___after working with teenagers for so long it was weird to work with enthusiatic kids who did what I said___
Music____ahh where would I be without Spotify?___still into Jay Z and finally getting along with Florence and The Machine after trying several times___Kraftwerk sounding like the singlehandedly influeneced half the bands on the planet____
Films__I love THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU____watched it several times now__probably in my top five/ten__on the downside what was all the fuss about Slumdog Millionaire?___too much music___like watching an episode of Neighbours__hated it___

Art___I have just come through a real low but feel a better artist for it___I expect most artists go through these__one day you are the greatest and the next you ain't fit to lift a paintbrush/pen/digital tablet___still hit a real low when I started to fear color and even considered abandoning it all together___over it now and thank the Lord for that__"

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