Thursday, 29 October 2009


"Yeah___Jesus___done a few images for an upcoming book called Bible Fresh__I approached them and I should feature on its pages___being a Christian it was a little bit weird/spiritual/funny illustrating Christ___felt like I was cashing in a bit but all in Gods plan___funniy enough my boy Lee is currently in Jeruselam.
Feel like the pressure is off a bit and I can chill a bit for a while____has several must do projects on the boil___entered a Christmas card design for a Bristol charity thing___sorted designs for some Cheltenham bits I did___finalised my book on Stroud_something I struggled with but it is now available here____all the above are now done___nice to spend today in coffee shops today working on web designs in a chilled stylee.
Life Aqautic stays in the mind and the Fantastic Mr Fox was really wild and I loved it__my wife fell asleep though___caught up with Alan Clarkes Made in Britain__Tim Roth was the man in it___few bits of crap about___Paranoid Park and I Heart Huckbees were both up thier own asses__"

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