Monday, 30 November 2009


"Read somewhere the other day that you're blog should always be entertaining and highly readable!___blimey the pressure!___anyway___reached out to a few fashion bloggers and the response has been really good___to anyone that has decided to follow me this is a sincere thank you_
Don't forget to check out my Flickr/Twitter etc that you can reach by clicking the links on this page.
Illustration going really well and the above piece is one that I am really happy with___maybe even the best one of 2009?___who knows___getting to grips with Photoshop coloring slowly and I feel this has added an extra dimension to my work.
Film wise I saw THE WHITE RIBBON the other day___quite unsettling and challenging due to its subject matter and its length___also saw THE EDUCATION which was OK but you knew where it was going.
Musically I have discovered THE WILD BEASTS and listening to old BECK albums."

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