Tuesday, 12 January 2010

We talk about Dish Washer tablets___

"Second post of 2010____looking at my blog & Behance___not sucessful in my opinion___12 followers after over a year online!___my content must really suck___love more followers if you would be so kind to click on the link___either that or offer me some tips in networking!  Plus__if
anyone actually reads this go over to my Behance page below and click appreciate____
Anyway___Avatar = 50% magical/50% total rubbish___loving the Yeah Yeah Yeahs___where have I been not to notice them?____
Still enjoying painting but not enjoying having a cold___also trying to lose weight and get down to 13 stone."
Vietnamthemovie 14 Stone 9

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Oman's Collective Intelligence said...

Hi, here you have another follower! Don't give up!