Thursday, 29 April 2010

Stay in the Boat

"Still not internet___BT crew coming next Wednesday___spending loads of time doing normal work and along with no web___my art is suffering___above robot is a pitch to Computer Arts___fingers crossed but no holding my breath__feeling quite negative about ever getting discovered and used__just stay in the boat and keep sailing where God want ya me thinks__"


Sah said...

Wow! I love your illustrations! Beautiful yet sooooo cool at the same time. I really love your work. Keep making more beautiful images!

Sarah said...

Have you stopped blogging altogether almost-kinda-bro-in-law? or has life got in the way? pity if the former as I really like seeing your work.

Talking of your work - do you by any chance have any postcards made up of any of your designs? if so I'd be in the market to buy some, for my Postcrossing addiction :)

Hope to see you both soon