Monday, 2 August 2010

Jesus Christ

"Hello 21 followers___been away from the computer___still busy earning cash for a Xmas trip___comissions here____comission there____but no time to chill/post/update___but back now.
Image above is a little preview of next years project I am working on and quite excited about___it involves The Bible__no color and a self-published book exhibition____there is something quite
pure/challenging about working in mono___can't rely on a snazzy color scheme to rescue me
any more___
The big thing about the moment is my exhibition__I am 70% ready and really excited about it___it will be at The Space, Stroud___starting on 3rd September until 16th____
On the culture side I am listening to the new Chemical Brothers on loop and Inception has its problems but I am going for a another watch this week."

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