Thursday, 23 September 2010

John 17 Robot Rough

"Hello you lucky 24 followers___how are things?___anyway___moving on___above image is a rough__idea first___followed by a rough sketch and photo of me posing in position then hunting images down on the internet and building the above___with this rough I have also put colors in place too____now I will digitally sketch it and import to Illustrator for a play___post the finished one next week sometime.
RANDOM THOUGHTS THIS WEEK___Hugh Laurie in House---good?----really?___MGMT rock___Scott Pilgrim---good?----bad?----can't make up my mind_____Jeans with Stretch in Rock and ASDA has 25% off but they are evil aren't they??????
Very-very-very excited about next years Exhibition___think about it everyday/every hour etc__"
Entering Ciren 10K this week in preparation for my half-marathon in October____

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Jo said...

Hi Si. Loving your work. Jo x