Wednesday, 15 September 2010

O..your hard!

"Well____here is the proof___I actually had an exhibition of my digital art and a few paintings in Stroud____been a good experience and met loads of good contacts, fellow artists and generally nice people___called the exhibition 'THIS EXHIBITION WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE'___as you can imagine a few disapointed people through the door__some highlights from my comments book include__MILNERS MUM FARTS LIKE A CRACK HEAD___and___MY ART IS BETTER YOUR EXEBITION IS SHITE!__Nice___also had both David Brents bosses in from The Office___bit starstruck and didn't say anything__Keith Allen was also outside the door__.
The best thing about exhibiting is the direction it gives you___personally___when you see all your stuff on the wall your weaknesses really show through and it gives you a great sense of direction__can't wait until my next one which will be very different, more amibitious and with more promotion.
On the art side I am a bit arted out__got portrait comissions through the show and also a magazine one that proved quite tricky__looking forward to the weekend and giving my wrists_imagination_ and brain a rest."

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Sarah said...

the exhibition was great, roll on the next one!

I posted the first of your postcards yesterday - it went to Australia - I'll let you know if she makes a comment on it or if it gets favourited (is that a word?) by other Postcrossers....