Monday, 11 October 2010

Another week---begins

"Hello 25___above image is what I worked on last week and if I am honest I am not happy with it but posted it cos I said I would___doesn't really look like Day-Lewis or capture the mood from the DRAINAGE scene either....for one he wasn't wearing a hat__also I am finding my work moving towards the more minimal GQ/Posh mag approach___something this is not.
Book of John going well with a few blank pages filled and some nice images coming together___particular nice one of Christ created on Friday___that will be next weeks post___still really excited about the project and the only downside with that is that it makes me lose enthusiasm for all other work___but I guess that's the point.
So I will be @ The Retreat in Stroud this week on Weds/Thurs/Friday illustrating people and looking like a person in a pub with a laptop___the idea has always worked in my head I just hope that it does on the night.
Other areas of my life include huge amounts of family grief___fluctuating body fat percentage__ and an 18th Birthday."

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