Wednesday, 6 October 2010


"Hello all____poster above is to publicis/ze an upcoming event I am organizing in my home town of Stroud___gonna spend the evening in a pub illustrating people___selling images and getting my tarty name about___approaced Ian from The Retreat who willingly agreed to humour me!___should be good and quite a challenge.
Really busy at the moment with tax/printing taking priority over art..especially the Book of John which I really need to crack on with___going to be a bit naughty today and illustrate Daniel Day-Lewis instead____
Random thoughts/feelings___golfers bad hair when they take their Ryder Cup hats off___my guilt about trying clothes on and not putting them back where they were in this as bad as leaving your rubbish in the cinema..something I hate____


Sarah said...

I hope that goes well - how long does it take to do one of your digital portraits from start to finish?

vietnamthemovie said...

Takes about 30 minutes for a BW version...that is what I will be doing on the night...wish me luck!

Sarah said...

good luck! I see you're about half way through now, I hope it's going well